Eucerin Hand Cream: Why we recommend it!

Eucerin Hand Cream: Why we recommend it!

Our hands are the excellent carrier for expressing affection and care. Our hands translate inner love and care into our touches, from consoling a crying friend by patting their head to comforting a baby. Shaking hands in a business meeting not only creates a bond it also shows compassion and comradery. Soft and clean helps our overall appearance and also a representation of a healthy body. From greeting people to snoozing our alarms, our hands are the most active part of our whole body and susceptible to the lingering dust, germs, and bacteria. To ensure our well-being and others, it's needless to describe the importance of washing our hands often. Handwashing with soaps has been important now more than ever due to the deadlier surge of COVID-19. While we clean and sanitize our hands many times, it does not just wash off the germs and dirt; soaps and alcohol also take the moisture from our hands, leaving our hand-cracked, chapped, and derived of moisture that keeps our hands supple and soft. That's why our hands need care and love to replenish moisture and ensure proper hydration.  When contriving skincare regime, we irresistibly lean into only face and body care and stash our wardrobes with only face and body creams neglecting the care needed to keep our hands supple and full of nourishment. Besides, hands are also the equal victim of natural aggression and different harsh chemicals.That's what heightening the necessity of taking care of our hands. Luckily, hands don't need ten-step ritual or expensive trips to other stores to ensure the proper care and love that it needs. Good hand cream is all you need to protect, nurture and replenish your hands with hydration and moisture.  The Market is filled with hand creams, but which one is perfect for you- might be the first question that pops out in your head. Don't worry! Eucerin hand cream is the answer to all of your hand-related concerns. Why do we recommend it? Let me walk you through to the tube feel with goodness.

  1. It is not just a basic hand cream.

The skin of the hand is similar to the skin we have on our face except softer and more active, and upfront when it comes to doing any types of chores. The rigorous activity our hands' play makes them more susceptible to dead skin cell buildup. The more the buildup increases, the more hands lose capabilities to bind moisture. Keeping this in mind, Eucerin hand cream is specially formulated with 5% urea. Urea is a keratolytic agent that prevents dead skin buildup and softens up the keratin on our outer layer to enhance the skin's ability to bind the moisture in cells more efficiently and adequately.

Applying hand cream

  1. Your ultimate moisture protector.

Other than proper moisturization, this hand cream has a lot more to offer. As your hands have to deal with uncountable actions in a day, it is natural that the moisture from hands can wear off frequently even after applying hand creams. But, with Eucerin hand cream, you can dodge the worry. Ceramide, a kind of lipid that is responsible for 50% of our skin composition. 

If skin cells can be compared to bricks, then ceramides are the mortar. Ceramide creates a layer to reproduce ceramides so that skin can become its protector against all the odds. Ceramides locks in the moisture make the skin less permeable to prevent water loss. As we age, our skin loses its ceramide in quantity and quality, leaving our skin defenceless in the face of dryness and irritation. Eucerin hand cream is infused with ceramides to protect the outer layer from an aggressive, rough environment and make your skin protector of its own.

  1. Healthy looking hands is the bonus

Do you know which body part shows the early signs of ageing? Sadly, it's our hands. Sun damage weakens the barrier of our hands and fastens the ageing process before we know it. There is absolutely no way to ditch the ageing, but you can manage to slow the process with Eucerin hand cream. Bestowed with the goodness that comes with Natural Moisturing Factors (NMF), this hand cream helps to bind the water in your skin cells as NMF are highly efficient humectants. NMF is composed of free amino acids that help achieve resilient, hydrated, and overall healthy looking hands anywhere, anytime, and get a hold of the early signs of ageing.

  1. Say goodbye to greasy hands creams.

Who can possibly like greasy hands? Most of us avoid using hand creams just to avoid the greasiness left behind after a quick application of hand creams. Greasy hand creams can cause hand sweating and a slippery sensation. Eucerin hand cream has got your back. It has got a quick absorption technique that leaves your hand daisy fresh for 48 hours after application so that you don't stick anywhere. The hands that care for others are also in dire need of care, and Eucerin understands it better. Leave the worries of your hands in the good hand of Eucerin UreaRepair Plus 5% Urea Hand Cream 75ml, and let it heal and bring your hand back to its life.

 Eucerin UreaRepair Plus 5% Urea Hand Cream 75ml

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