Best Lactase Tablets in the UK

 Best Lactase Tablets in the UK and 6 reasons to take them

Butter, cheese, pizza - sounds mouthwatering, right? While the names of these foods produce saliva in your mouth, there are people – to whom the taste of the foods is met with despair and distress. There is a medical condition named Lactose Intolerance - which does not allow people to digest lactose, a type of sugar primarily found in milk and dairy products. It might sound like a particular digestive disorder, but you may find it astonishing how common it is. In the UK, between one and two in every 10 people are in the grip of lactose intolerance. Lactose intolerant people cannot eat any amount of milk and dairy products without experiencing stomach distress such as diarrhoea, bloating, cramps, etc. Usually, the healthy body produces an enzyme called lactase, which helps to break down the lactose we get from dairy products into simple sugar for enabling our body to absorb the sugar from the blood. But with lactose-intolerant people, the scenario is quite the opposite. The lactase deficiency leads to an overflow of lactose in the bowel, causing the lactose to break down to a gas. Sadly, there is no cure for lactose intolerance, but the situation can be brought under control with lactase tablets. After taking dairy products, consuming lactase tablets temporarily increases lactase in the small intestine to ease digestion. Now that we know how common lactose intolerance is and that lactase tablets are common drugs to the people battling the situation, people have come with dozens of lactase tablets in the market. It is hard to find out the best lactase tablet around the UK without grappling with fear. Let me ease your quest by introducing you to the best lactase tablets you can find around UK - Solgar Lactase 3500 30 Wafers - a chewable digestive aid for those who suffer from lactose intolerance. The best catch about the particular lactase tablet is that the lactase is derived from wheat and free from dairy, soya, yeast, preservatives, artificial colours, and flavours.

Let's look into the 6 reasons that make Solgar Lactase 3500 the best lactase tablets in the UK:

  1. Eat dairy products without any worry.

The primary focus of lactase tablets is to increase the lactose in the bowel so that the lactose can be broken down. Solgar Lactase 3500 30 is a plant-based lactase tablet that promises to manage lactase levels in your bowel. This product can be taken alongside the consumption of dairy products to reduce the likelihood of the symptoms of lactose intolerance arising, allowing you to eat or drink dairy-based products without the fear of any kind of stomach distress.

 dairy products

  1. Increase bone density.

Calcium is the main factor that protects and builds our bones. Calcium deficiency leads to brittle, thinner bones, which are prone to damage and breakage. So, it is recommended to consume the daily required amount of calcium as in diet or dietary supplement from an early age. Usually, people get the necessary amount of calcium from dairy products. However, for lactose-intolerant people - it becomes hard to get the required daily value of calcium without dairy products. Continuous lack of dairy products or a negligible amount of dairy products in diet develops severe conditions like osteoporosis, fractures, and rickets, threatening the overall bone health. But, just one wafer of Solgar lactase is enough to allow you to consume dairy products without bloating and cramps and other digestive discomforts.

  1. Helps with IBS

Between one and two in 10 people in the UK are battling with have Irritable bowel syndrome. Anyone can develop it at any age. Bloating and diarrhoea are the common symptoms for people with IBS. To note that IBS and Lactose Intolerance are not correlated but share similar symptoms. One in three people with IBS does not feel good after consuming dairy products, and that's where Solgar lactase can come in handy. Solgar Lactase tablets can relieve the symptoms.

Irritable bowel syndrome

  1. Turn dairy products into energy 

Adult capture energy from simpler sugar in their diet. The lactase enzyme is responsible for turning lactose into glucose and galactose to simple sugar in the bloodstream. Besides lactase, milk contains protein, healthy fats, and many vitamins and minerals, essential nutrient-dense food. People with Lactose Intolerance can take milk alongside Solgar lactose tablets to derive the essential nutrition from milk and other dairy products.

  1. Irritation in the digestive tract

A small amount of intestinal lactase enzyme activity can lead to diarrhoea illness, mucosal presence, and other irritation in the gut. Taking Solgar lactase tablets as a supplement can relieve indigestion, loose stools, and sinus irritation. That's why supplementing with lactase can be a solution to people with digestive tract issues.

  1. Digestive Upset in Children with Autism

Studies have shed light on the relation between diarrhoea, children with autism disorder, and reduced intestinal disaccharidase activity (i.e., presence of essential digestive enzymes such as lactase, sucrase, and maltase). These concerns can be addressed by supplementing lactase tablets.

Life is too short to avoid milk made and dairy products - Solgar lactase tablets believe that. Enjoy daily consumption of dairy products with Solgar lactase tablets and live life to the fullest. You can find the best lactase tablets in the UK in Local Pharmacy Online.

Solgar Lactase 3500 30 Wafers