6 Reasons to take Lactase tablets

Lactase is a digestive enzyme that aids the breakdown of lactose, a sugar present in milk and other dairy consumables. Lactase is produced in the small intestine’s lining and helps break down lactose into smaller sugar molecules (commonly known as galactose and glucose) to easily digestible. If your body has lactose intolerance, it is because your body cannot produce enough lactase on its capabilities. Intake of lactase supplements—be it chewable or a tablet or any other form—helps decrease and prevent a lot of symptoms that might occur due to consumption of dairy products by someone with lactose intolerance. The symptoms are usually gas, diarrhoea, and stomach cramps. Let’s dive deep and know more about the reasons to consume lactase tablets.
6 reasons for you to take lactase tablets
Accidentally consuming dairy

Eating out is problematic for people with lactose intolerance, and mistakes might happen. Unlike most other intolerances, you can alleviate yourself off mistakenly consuming dairy if you carry lactase tablets such as the Solgar Lactase Wafers. Although lactose intolerant people are often wary of consuming dairy, it ruins their day and leaves them in pain if it happens to occur. But when you are equipped with the Solgar Lactase Wafers, your day is saved from getting ruined.

Health benefits

On rare occasions, lactose intolerance might happen at birth, a condition known as congenital lactase deficiency or CLD. But research has now proven that the body’s ability to produce lactase gradually declines just post early childhood. This is a common human attribute and the more common reason for developing intolerance. Luckily, most of the people having lactase deficiency do not show symptoms of lactose intolerance ever. For those who do, the symptoms usually range from mild to substantial and generally happen after half an hour to a few hours post consuming dairy. Lactase supplements (taken before meals) help these individuals consume dairy and permit them to fulfil their dietary calcium needs.
Bone health

Lactase supplements by themselves can not possibly improve bone health directly. But since they allow lactose-intolerant people to consume more dairy without facing the consequence of developing symptoms, lactase supplements make it easier to have ample quantities of calcium. This, quite obviously, helps build and maintain healthy bone health and diminishes the chances of osteoporosis and bone loss.

When those with lactose intolerance cut back on adequate dairy consumption, they leave themselves at a greater risk of developing fractures and bone loss. However, it is important to note that intolerance by itself does not markedly impact the ability of adults to absorb calcium. The same is true in the case of lactase deficiency. Everyone—including the people who have lactose intolerance—is advised to consume three servings of dairy every day.
Viable dietary supplement

Lactase acts as a dietary supplement to help people with lactose intolerance avoid developing symptoms while consuming milk or other dairy products. Lactase tablets are a great and viable choice in the case of commercially available dietary supplements. It is advisable to be fully aware of the details of the lactase supplement before consuming them. This is because no regulations exist in manufacturing standards while producing supplements. Quite often, some marketed lactase supplements have been found to contain contamination of toxic metals or other unnecessary drugs. Dietary supplements should always be bought from reliable sources and trusted brands to minimize the chance of contamination.
Suited for the vegan lifestyle

If you are lactose intolerant and prefer maintaining a vegan lifestyle, it can be quite challenging to manage both simultaneously. To make things worse, lactase supplements bought at reputable health stores often contain strictly non-vegan ingredients. But the good news is that Solgar Lactase Wafers only contains the enzyme lactase, mannitol, and microcrystalline cellulose. This makes them fructose-free, histamine-free, and of course, lactose-free, along with the added advantage of being completely vegan in composition.
Discreet in nature

While taking a lactase tablet in public is not the most embarrassing thing that can happen at a dining table, if you begin to pop in pills in front of colleagues from work, you may expect a total nuisance and prolonged chat about your digestive system. Fortunately, lactase tablets such as Solgar Lactase Wafers help you avoid this. The container is incredibly compact and is quite easily portable in case you want to nourish yourself with lactase on the go.
A Final Word

Solgar Lactase Wafers are safe and well-tolerated with almost zero side effects. However, people who have diabetes are recommended to consume lactase tablets with caution. Once ingested, lactase is decomposed into simple sugars that are likely to increase your blood glucose levels. While this may not affect your health significantly, it is vital to check your blood sugar half an hour post intake of lactase supplements just to be safe. Lactase supplements should not be consumed by pregnant or breastfeeding women since there is not enough viable and strong research information that ensures their well-being.

It is also not known if lactase supplements can interfere with the processes of other supplements or medications. Nonetheless, it is advised not to consume much dairy just because you are handily medicating yourself with lactase pills. If you are lactose intolerant, it is always crucial and advised to regulate your intake. You can follow so by skipping the extra milk cheese or cream, whenever and wherever it allows you to (or, at the very least, reducing on portions consumed).