10 Benefits of Sunscreen that you need to protect your skin

10 Benefits of Sunscreen that you need to protect your skin

Sun is the most prevalent and abundant source of Vitamin D. That's what makes it vital for the people of earth to have limited daily exposure to the sun. It might arise a question that- why limited? Well, the rays that bring Vitamin-D to your bones and strengthen them- are the same rays that carry UVA (Ultraviolet A) and UVB (Ultraviolet B) by massively depleting our ozone layer. The risk of prolonged exposure to these rays on your bare skin can range from sunburn, redness on the skin to malignant melanoma. So, while we need vitamin D, we also need a constant guard against harmful rays. Sunscreen is the answer to every question regarding UV ray induced skin problems. 

Most of us have been using sunscreen, knowing only one benefit that sunscreen protects us from sunburn. But it does a lot more than that. The manifold benefits of sunscreen have made cosmetics sneak sunscreen into their formation combined with a reasonable amount of SPF. Let's check out the top 10 benefits of sunscreen that will give you reasons for sunscreen to set up a camp in your bag for the rest of your living days.


1. Put A Barrier Between Your Beautiful Skin and UV Rays:

    No matter where you live, either it can be the north pole or south pole, winter area or summer area, you can either be at home or in your workspace - you cannot hide from the sun, nor you can block the Ultraviolet rays. Even on the cloudiest days, UV rays are not forgiving. 

    But with a dollop of sunscreen can lay a protective shield over your skin that can make it hard for UVA and UVB to exploit your skin and the layers underneath it.

    2. Protect You Against Premature Ageing:

      Radiant, smooth and younger-looking skin- who doesn't dream of that? But constantly living in a world where UVA ray is abundant- it's nearly impossible to achieve visibly younger looking skin without wearing sunscreen daily. UVA rays are the main culprit that breaks down collagen and destroys your skin's elasticity, resulting in unwanted wrinkles and fine lines. Researches have proven that a regular sunscreen user has a 24% lesser chance of having ageing signs before the proper age than the people who don't use sunscreen. If you are given a choice to look younger, you should give sunscreen a chance.

      3. Lowers the Chances of Skin Cancer:

      Melanoma - the worst kind of skin cancer that you can name caused by the notorious UV rays. The ability to rapidly spread to other organs makes melanoma dangerous and life-threatening, especially for people under 40. You can't stop the rays, but you can ensure your protection against malignant melanoma by using sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30.

      4. Prevents from Hyperpigmentation:

      If you have other skin concerns like inflammation, acne or fungal, they leave a dark spot even after the infected area is healed. The dark spots tend to fade away naturally if it doesn't come in touch of sun exposure. Even limited exposure can make those dark spots appear even darker as sun exposure accelerates melanin production around the afflicted area. A broad-spectrum sunscreen is your ultimate saviour to protect you from hyperpigmentation.

      5. Protects Delicate skin Caused by Chemical Exfoliation:

        Chemical exfoliation is becoming popular day by day. While it exfoliates your skin effectively, at the same time, it makes your skin 2x vulnerable to sun exposure. So, using sunscreen is highly recommended for protecting your delicate skin.

        Eucerin Anti-Pigment Day Cream SPF30 50ml

        6. Reduces Blotchiness on Face:

          The skin might be the largest organ of our body, but there is no denying that skin is delicate. So, when the UV rays keep penetrating your skin for a longer time, your skin becomes fragile, making it more vulnerable to bruises. Your skin is more likely to experience peeling, redness, more and more appearances of your veins, swelling and itching. And, the main contributor is none other than UV rays. So, staying safe from hyperpigmentation is easier with sunscreen. 

          Looking for a perfect sunscreen option that will reduce your dark spot and protect you from UV rays? You can opt for Eucerin Anti-pigment day cream. It is a moisturizing day cream with SPF 30 that significantly removes blotches and avoids their reappearance. This anti-pigment cream helps to reverse the harsh effects of ageing and sunlight exposure which can trigger hyperpigmentation. A generous amount should go a long way to make your skin safe and supple.

          7. Prevents Sunburns:

            One of the most talked-about, known benefits of sunscreen that we all know is – sunscreen doesn't let our skin fry vis-a-vis sunburn. Sunburn is the most common side effect of longer sun exposure. You will notice a burnt, brown patch in your bare skin within a short time after going out without any defence against harmful rays. In even worse cases, you might suffer from an allergic reaction to those sunburn areas. So, apply a good amount of sunscreen and stay safe.

            8. Prevents Tanning:

               A nice tan might look nice on your skin, but it does more harm than you think. Harsh ultraviolet rays put you at the risk of getting unwanted skin diseases. Before you plan to sunbathe, use a good coating of sunscreen to be on the safe side.

              9 Clears Uneven Tone:

                 Who doesn't want an even tone on their skin? It doesn't matter if you are white or have a dark skin tone; UV rays have the potential to create an uneven tone on your skin. So, make the usage of sunscreen your thing to get a clearer and even tone.

                10. Healthy Skin with A Greater Complexion:

                  With the evolution of science, sunscreens have come a long way. Nowadays, sunscreen comes with ingredients to boost collagen, protein, and elastin, necessary for skin to remain healthy and supple. And, with healthy skin, a greater complexion is a bonus. Start your day by applying sunscreen to level up your skincare game. Live free and let sunscreen think about the UV rays.

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